Sleep study allows an objective way to document the events during sleep. The gold standard is the polysomnogram which is usually performed in a hospital. With technological improvement, home based sleep study is now available to the convenience of patients.

During the sleep study, breathing effort is recorded. Should there be breath holding, the frequency and duration is recorded. The oxygen saturation, body position and snoring levels are also captured. Brain wave recording are also possible in some devices.

Typically, the sleep technician will drop by the patient’s home to set uo the recording device. The device can be carried about by the patient without much impediment. During sleep, the device is activated and data captured. The device is disconnected when the patient wakes for the day. The device is collected and data downloaded for analysis. At our centre, the sleep study report is usually ready before noon the same day.

The patient will return to the doctor’s office for consultation and treatment planning.

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