Bedwetting, medically known as enuresis, is unintentional urinating while asleep for children 5 years and above. It is very common for children below 7 to wet their bed even after they are potty-trained. Bed wetting is not a disease, nor an emotional issue or physical abnormality. Parents should be patient with their kids and not give them stress by punishing them and hurting their self-esteem as most kids will grow out of this problem by 10 years old.

Possible causes:

–          Small bladder

–          Deep sleeper

–          Development delay of bladder control at night

–          Hereditary. Bedwetting often runs in the family

–          Insufficient production of antidiuretic hormones (ADH) which enables kidney to hold on to more water.

–          Chronic constipation

–          Urinary tract infections

–          Stress

–          Sleep apnoea

–          Diabetes

Only a very small percentage of children who wet their bed have an underlying medical condition. Consult a doctor if your child still wets the bed after 7 years old.

Risk factors:

–          Boys

–          Family history

–          Children with ADHD


–          Limit the amount of fluids 2 hours before bedtime, especially soft drinks and caffeine

–          Bladder training

–          Moisture alarms

–          Medication

–          Hypnotherapy

–          Lots of patience and encouragement from family members

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